Managing Multiple X Accounts#

Managing multiple accounts on X (formerly Twitter) can be challenging and you might be following a certain social media policy or approach that is different from how you would tweet from your personal account.

Many projects and organisations have their own X account that is used for advertising their research outputs and events.

Managing an Organisational X Account#

1. Be sure that you are clear about what the purpose of the account is and the type of tweets that the organisation wants.

  • Is it going to be a professional tone or more relaxed and fun.

  • Are there certain restrictions about what content you can tweet about such as not sharing data or results?

2. Use scheduling to time your tweets

  • This can be done through the X web browser or by using an X app such as X Pro (formerly Tweetdeck).

  • X Pro is the only app owned by X. It was previously free to use but now requires a paid X Premium subscription. But there are other apps for all different platforms, although you often have to pay for their services too.

  • There are other apps, such as Buffer, that you can use to control multiple social media channels.

  • Scheduling tweets is particularly helpful if you are running an event as you can schedule tweets well in advance to give important information.

3. Preventing miss tweeting

  • When you are responsible for multiple tweeter accounts, there is the possibility of miss tweeting. This is when you tweet out, for example, a personal tweet using an organisational account.

  • X Pro has a feature that allows you to add a confirmation step to perform an extra check before tweeting. This helps to prevent this issue.

4. Enabling multiple users of the same account