Open Scholarship#

This image shows a researcher evolving their research practices to move towards the era of open research. The image starts with the person looking anxious about engaging with open science, slowly they take a few steps, feel comfortable about sharing their work, and finally start to collaborate with others.

Fig. 80 The Turing Way project illustration by Scriberia. Used under a CC-BY 4.0 licence. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3332807.#


No previous knowledge is needed. Related information to Open Scholarship can be found in the Open Research chapter, that also has a more detailed summary of the importance and motivation behind Open Scholarship.


Open research and its subcomponents fit under the umbrella of a broader concept - open scholarship [def]. Open scholarship aims to transform research by making it more reproducible, transparent, reusable, collaborative, accountable, and accessible to society. This chapter aims to give a brief overview of the multiple aspects of open scholarship.


Open Scholarship increases the impact of research as it reaches a wider audience, facilitates participation and collaboration in research and advances knowledge more effectively.