Implementation and associated platforms#

Among the existing tools and related infrastructure to curate and create Research Objects (ROs), we provide below some of them which are currently in operation:

  • workflowHub focuses on workflow-centric ROs and supports any workflow in its native repository.

  • RoHub allows to create, manage (live Research Object) and preserve research work. It also supports reuse and forking of existing Research Objects as well as the possibility to directly access and visualise data (data-centric RO) or to execute (executable RO). There is a GUI and a Python API for managing ROs.

  • BioCompute Objects is a community-driven initiative to build a framework for standardisation and sharing computations and analyses generated from High-throughput sequencing.

  • Aperture Neuro enables sharing and communicating open neuroscience Research Objects (Tutorials, Jupyter Notebooks, Software). This platform does not support live Research Objects and is meant to be used for publishing only.