Building a Webpage for Blogs#

Making a website for a blog is easier than you think so don’t be put off if you have never made one before.

You need to consider:

  • Skill level - This is important but can be learnt by anyone that regularly uses a computer.

  • Budget - there are plenty of free options for websites but you can pay for certain services such as different themes.

  • Time - It does take time to initially build the website and get it into the state that you want. Therefore, consider using the tool that will be the least time consuming for you to build and maintain.

Simple Website - Non-Coding Options#

  • Wordpress

    • Very popular site to use for blogs.

    • You can start a blog for free but added functions will cost you.

    • Simple to set up as built-in easy block-like fashion.

    • Here’s a link for help.

    • This is worth a read about starting a WordPress blog.

  • Google sites

    • Not originally set up for blogs but can be adapted for this purpose or used as a project website with blog-type updates.

    • It’s free as part of the free Google Suite.

    • You can pay for business accounts through Google workspace for more options.

    • It has an accessible interface much like Google slides that are easy to use and publish as a website.

    • Find more information at the Google site help page

Here is a link to an article that compares google sites and wordpress.

There are other options out there and you can always pay for someone to build your blog website if you have the resources.

These options are highlighted as they are very accessible and it’s always worth to learn new skills.

Advanced Website Building - Programming Needed#