Book Dash GitHub Session#

This template can be shared via a HackMD page to facilitate a pre-event GitHub session for the Book Dash participants. The access permission can be set so that the notes can be read by everyone and edited by signed-in users.

# Book Dash, DD Month YYYY - GitHub Session

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- **Date:** DD Month <--- Update this
- **Time:** 16:00 - 17:00 London time ([in your time zone]( <--- Update this
- **Hosts:** (Add name) <--- Update this
- Join Zoom Meeting: (Add link) <--- Update this

**Before this meeting:**

- Check the [Friendly GitHub Intro](

**At this call**
we will give you an optional 1 hour GitHub tutorial:

- Creating a new repository
- Creating a README file
- Writing in Markdown
- Submit changes (to _The Turing Way_) via Pull Request (PR)
- demo: Review PR, Create issue

## Sign up below by adding your name

Name / Institute or affiliation / What specific aspect of GitHub do you find challenging?

🗣️ Welcome!

- Reminder: [Code of conduct & community participation guidelines](
- If you experience or witness unacceptable behaviour, or have any other concerns, please report it by contacting the organisers - Malvika and Kirstie. ([](

### Roll call

- Name / Icebreaker question: Share something from nature that has awed you or brought you peace recently - perhaps a flower, a view, a photo, a scent, a potted plant, a bird that flew past... 

🗣️ Introduction to GitHub

- Training materials:
- Slides: [Friendly GitHub Intro](
- Cheatsheet:

**Breakout room task:** 

**Resources** :

- Useful GitHub resources
  - [GitHub for Collaboration (from Mozilla)](
  - [Understanding the GitHub workflow](
  - [A Friendly Github Intro Workshop (from Danielle Robinson)](
  - [GitHub help](
  - [Oh Shit, Git!?!](
  - [Try Git](
  - [Git book](
  - [GitHub glossary](
  - [Writing on Github](
  - [Markdown Cheatsheet](
  - [Git workflow](
**Questions / Comments?**


What worked? What did not work? What additional support would you need before or during the Book Dash?